My interest for old dance film material was aroused whilst doing research and production for the documentary ‘Waar zijn ze gebleven’ (Where did they go) by Ine Schenkkan, 1983, about the pioneers of Dutch dance. Since I have often made use of archive fragments in my own documentaries, e.g. about Alexandra Radius, Rudi van Dantzig, Sonia Gaskell (Madame) and Jaap Flier. Furthermore, I realized two programmes completely revolving around old dance film material, called ‘Dance in the box’. The first one with ex dancer and old time critic Ine Rietstap, the second with choreographer Hans van Manen.
Last year I made an inventory of all my research, and together with Martine Dekker, director Cinedance, approached Cinedance has an archive of Dutch dance movies since 2003, and we aime to put together both old and newer archives and make these accessible. The goal of is to realize a digital overview of Dutch performing arts heritage which would bring alive the history and which can be a source of inspiration for artists of today and the future. Dutch Dance Film is meant to become a crucial category in this project. The 'Kick off' and presentation took place in EYE Cinema on March 24th by Martine and Jellie, while showing a lot of fragments of Dance Movies.
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February 2021
The dance film DUĆL was shown online - because of Corona - in March at Cinedance Festival.
What is the true face of dancer/choreographer Kenzo Kusuda? And what is so fascinating about the landscapes in the Belgium Ardennes? Those questions inspired me to make this improvised movie. With specially made music by Jacob Lucas.

February 2021

I re-edited Sulphur - the dance movie I realized in 2000 with choreographers Leine/Roebana and composer Martijn Padding - in a shorter version.

September 2020
The website Datarecords ceased to exist independently and is from now on incorporated in the new version of this website under the tab Datarecords.

January 2017
the short dance movie, was shown at the Sinema Dans Festival in Ankara last November, the InShadow Festival Lisbon last December, the TIGERTAIL Screen Dance Miami in January, BOLD Festival Canberra Australia in March, MIGRATIONS Performance/Visual Arts Events in Wales, UK in from February onwards.

November 2016
The documentary Jaap Flier, Solo and the short dance movie Miniatuur were both released on Vimeo.
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April 2015
Buurtconcert at Splendor, Amsterdam, on the theme MUSIC & DANCE. Musicians Heleen Hulst and Gerard Bouwhuis will play music of a.o. Stravinsky, John Cage and Martijn Padding. Filmmaker Jellie Dekker will show fragments of her own dance movies with music specially composed for the screen.

December 2014
On the exhibition DUST, DIALOGUE AND UNCERTAINTY the films Moving Meshes - on the work of designer Maria Blaisse - and I Delayed People's Flights By Walking Slowly In Narrow Hallways - composition Mayke Nas, performed by The Hague Percussion - will be shown from December 4th till February 28th. Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 144 West 14th Street, New York, curated by SlowLab Amsterdam.
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