Fat Fish DATA 061



Mola Sylla-vocals, Phil Minton-vocals, Maggie Nicols-vocals,

Sean Bergin-clarinet, tenorsax,vocals Tobias Delius-clarinet, tenorsax, Jan Willem van der Ham-altosax, bassoon,

Eric Boeren-cornet, Felicity Provan-trumpet, vocals, Wolter Wierbos-trombone,

Franky Douglas-guitar, Mary Oliver-violin, Alex Maguire-piano, Ernst Glerum-bass, Han Bennink-drums



1. Lambi Golo (M.Sylla-comp&text / arr. F Douglas)(7:38)

2. When we are lost (S.Bergin / text fragments-Carson McCullers)(11:59)

3. Chicken Feet (S.Bergin - comp/text)(7:32)

4. De nacht is nog jong / Virgin Birth (S.Bergin))(9:19)

5. Fat Fish (S.Bergin - comp/text)(5:32)

6. Dirge & Dance (S.~Bergin)(12:12)



Recorded at the BIMhuis february 25 2006 and april 2 2005

Coverdrawing Petra Dolleman

Coverdesign: Joseph Plateau, Amsterdam

Recorded and produced by Dick Lucas